What is a site survey and why are they so important?

What is a site survey?

A detailed site survey should always be the first step of any build. It covers all aspects of the building site and allows us to:

  • Measure and mark out building contours (topography)
  • Establish and mark out the land’s boundaries
  • Calculate the size of the land and its shape
  • Note the existing natural landscape within the land and surround area
  • Show easements and sewer lines
  • Show true north

Once the surveyor carries out the on site aspect of the site survey he/she will then draw up the detailed site plan. From here initial floor plans can be drawn, once drawings are finalised both the site survey and the plans will be sent to council or a private certifier (CDC). Both of these documents will be used to decide if the proposed construction can be approved. Even once approved and construction starts the initial site survey still serves as an important tool onsite being used by both your builder and trades to establish exactly where the building footprint sits and service locations are to be constructed.

Why are site survey’s so important?

A detailed site survey is an extremely important step to complete before design or construction takes place. A site survey allows us to see the constraints of your land prior to development. It will show all of these constraints and allow your builder to design a home that suits and is designed especially to sit within your block of land. It also allows all building consultants that are engaged with your project eg. architect, structural engineer. A clear overview of the site with no guess work eliminating costly errors later down the track.