How an interior designer can be helpful when choosing materials and colours for your new home.

There are so many decisions to be made in your journey of building a new home. From picking your block of land, to finalizing your homes floorplan all the way through to the material selection. Your material/colour selection should be the one of the most exciting parts of any home build. It is the time where you get to add a touch of yourself into your home by adding colour and texture through your paint selections, flooring selections and even down to smaller items such as tapware and light fittings.

But colour selections can become quite a daunting and difficult task. Although most of us know what we like, it can still be a challenge making a final decision. The vast range of colours, materials and finishes can become overwhelming. That’s where a professional Interior Designer can be extremely helpful in guiding you in the right direction. They can make suggestions when you are stuck and generally point you in the right direction while keeping within your style.

Your material/colour scheme can set the tone and feel of your entire home. Most of us believe that we have a good idea of style and colour, a lot like to follow the latest trends but designing a whole material/colour scheme for a new home is much more than just picking some colours.

An entire material selection involves picking colours and materials for your roof, gutters, facia, bricks, cladding, render, windows and doors, and that is just the exterior. Inside there is flooring (tiles, hybrid planks and/or carpet), all tapware, kitchen material and colours, appliances, splash backs, benchtops, bathroom tiles and accessories, all interior painting, light fittings, door and door hardware and window coverings. The art is to make all these sections come together and work to create the specific mood, style or ambiance you are wanting to achieve in your home. Having a professional Interior Designer there to help make these decisions can be a great benefit, they can really open you eyes to the possibilities that are out there.