Builder vs. Architect?

Building a home can be confusing. You will more than likely need to bring in an expert in the field. Not only will it take the pressure off your shoulders, but it’ll create a smooth process throughout the duration of the project, knowing your upcoming home is in experienced hands! But what professional do you choose to reach out to first? One of the most common things people stress over is whether or not they should go with an architect or a builder. You want the home of your dreams, but you don’t want to be going over your budget… The struggle is real! Luckily, we have some reasons on why a builder may be the perfect choice for you and your project. 

So, what is the difference between an Architect and a Builder? 

 A custom home builder is a professional who can execute a custom home build from start to finish. On the other hand, an architect is tasked with creating the blueprints of what the finished property should look like. The home builders then use these blueprints as a reference throughout the construction process.

Client and Builder Relationship

One of the benefits of choosing a builder rather than an architect for the design process, is that a strong and grounded relationship will form between the builder and your family. The relationship you have with your builder is a huge part of building your new home. It’s a great benefit to engage with your builder from the start, as they will be working with you from beginning to end. The builder will also know the project inside out, from the floor plan and designs, to the construction process. They will show an understanding of your vision and needs for your new family home, so they will be sure to meet your requirements!

But, why a builder over an architect?

Depending on the job you want done, will determine whether you choose an architect or a builder. Say you’re building a home from scratch… the family life can be quite hectic at times. If you choose to work with a builder, it is time efficient, while still delivering outstanding results. However, by choosing an architect, that is one more service that you don’t necessarily need, resulting with extra work and stress.

With a builder’s input and knowledge, can help with the construction methods, and they can work closely with the design at the same time! Not only will everything align perfectly, but you will develop immense trust in your builder. Say goodbye to stress!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Builder

Builders can assist you in choosing the perfect floor plan for your family home. They can eliminate the need for you to have to ‘design’ your home. Builders designs can be customised to suit your individual needs. By simply picking a design that is the right fit for your family, and is within your budget, you’ll be well on your way! 

You might choose to use existing builders plans if:

  • You’d rather leave it up to the builders to design and plan your home
  • You aren’t interested in amending or changing any design plans
  • You won’t want to make improvisations to anything at all including colours once you’ve signed your contract

In other cases, if you want to design your home from scratch, there is a simple process to go through to achieve this. Work closely with your builder and create a unique design! Alternatively, you may have found an existing floor plan that you like, but needs work to reach your dream home. With a builder’s input, will further your plans and the outcome of your new home! 

Cost Effectiveness of Choosing a Builder 

We already know you want a design that you love within your budget, that’s an obvious one. So let us make the decision easier for you…

Engaging with just a builder can be way more cost effective than architects during the design and approval stage. Why? Not only will a builder produce a design that you envisioned that’s within your budget, but you will only need one point of contact throughout the entire journey! With excellent time-management and knowledge throughout the building AND design process, makes the whole experience that much easier and cheaper. Builders also come prepared with pre-designed floor plans that cater for all budgets, and the cost is incorporated into your overall costs. Architects on the other hand, are expected to be the most expensive option. 

Whether you are designing a house from scratch, or you are looking to use existing designs, working alongside a builder may be the safest and most convenient option. Avoid the extra stress and take on a builder to make your dreams into a reality. 

We hope this helps you understand why choosing a builder rather than an architect can potentially benefit you. Book in for a consultation today and call us on (02) 8605 1550.