The Design Phase – How to get the results you want.

The design stage can be one of the most daunting but fun aspects of building your dream home. It involves a detailed amount of work from the clients, architect, interior designer and builder. At Elcom Homes we believe that having all parties involved at this stage of the build is critical to making sure our clients desired outcome is achieved, while ensuring the home functions practically and is aesthetically pleasing also within budget.

Step One – Design Meeting

Step one in the design phase is a design meeting. During this meeting our clients tell us what they want within their home and how they plan on utilizing the spaces they require. During this meeting we discuss the importance of style and function. To mention a few points, number of rooms required, when and how particular spaces will be used, locations of rooms / spaces and desired sizes to really get a great understanding of the desired layout.

Step Two – Preliminary Floor Plans

Shortly after this meeting, we present a concept layout of the internal floor plans to our clients, any minor changes that need to be made on these plans get noted during this presentation, we can then proceed to finalise the floor plan. A detailed floor plan is then presented to our clients.

Step Three – Facade

Step three is to design the façade. Now that the building footprint has been created, this gives the clients an idea of the shape and style of the façade. During our first design meeting we would have been given a great idea of what materials and design options our clients would like on the facade. We then create a façade based on this information to present to the clients. Again, if there are small adjustments to be made, we make these changes before presenting a set of detailed plans including the site survey, how the building will be positioned on the land, floorplans and elevations.